VIDEO: Psaki On Fire For Biden’s Court-Packing Hypocrisy

After the announcement on Friday that the Biden administration has formed a commission to look at expanding the Supreme Court’s scale, Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned the White House about why Biden is now on board with the proposal, despite previously opposing it.

“When FDR attempted court-packing, President Biden said in 1983 that he thought it was a stupid idea. Then why are you asking a jury to go over it now to see if it’s a good idea?” Doocy enquired.

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Although looking into court-packing was one of the items the commission would look into, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Doocy that it would not be the entirety of their investigation.

“The panel is being asked to take a variety of actions, including weighing the benefits and drawbacks on exactly that question,” Psaki explained. “However, they will consider the Court’s position in the constitutional structure, the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court, the Court’s composition and size, and the Court’s case selection rules and practices.”

The Presidential Commission on the United States Supreme Court will be composed of constitutional, legal, political science, and history experts, and it will announce its findings 180 days after its first meeting.

“…There are progressives on the court, and there are conservatives on the court, which was crucial for the President. People will express various views and points of view, and at the end of 180 days, they will receive a report “Psaki went on.

President Joe Biden repeatedly deflected questions about court packing during his 2020 campaign. Biden didn’t say he’d consider a bipartisan commission to look at judicial reform, not just court packing, until an October interview with 60 Minutes.

Following the death of Justice Ruth Badger Ginsburg last year, calls for the Supreme Court to be expanded increased, and former President Donald Trump quickly named Justice Amy Coney Barrett, prompting national protests.

Following Trump’s three conservative-leaning Justice appointments, proponents of Supreme Court expansion hope to restore party balance to the court.


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