VIDEO: President Of El Salvador DISAGREES With Tucker Carlson on Immigration!

This week, Tucker Carlson traveled to El Salvador and spoke with Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele about the situation at the country’s southern border.

El Salvadaor is home to a significant number of immigrants arriving at the border.

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Bukele told Tucker that he disagrees with the policies that have resulted in this situation, which he believes is bad for both countries.

It’s an enthralling interview.

The following is a partial transcript from FOX News:

The president of El Salvador tells Tucker that mass immigration is “not profitable” and “feeding on dependence.”

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that his government is just as worried as many Americans about the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border…

Bukele noted that in his nearly two years in office, he has worked to strengthen both the economic and social conditions of the Salvadoran people, but that there is still much more ground to cover. His government’s progress, he told Carlson, is shown by the fact that there are far fewer “caravans” of migrants passing through Mexico from El Salvador than from neighboring Honduras or Guatemala.

“It is clear that our country has failed to provide two basic things: a lack of economic opportunity and a lack of security,” he said. “However, the majority of people do not want to abandon their homeland.”

“First and foremost, it is immoral; you must provide for your people. You do, however, have a financial problem. If you send hardworking, creative, and willing-to-take-a-risk people to work, you want to keep them here because they will be the engine of your economy. You don’t want them there to send a remittance, which will be a small percentage of what they receive and generate; you want them to produce here.”



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