[VIDEO] People Ridiculed Biden Because Of His Propaganda-Style Video For His ‘’Great Work Week’’

Team Biden, are you aware what are you doing?

The Democrats are simply unbelievable! They are using every opportunity to make Biden look like a capable president.

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But, we aren’t stupid!

Your attempts to improve Biden’s value in our eyes are embarrassing!!!

For example, look at the latest attempt to show the capability of Biden and how hard-working he is.

The left shared a propaganda-style video of Biden walking in slow motion, including binders, showing how successful his week was, just as the previous ones.

Take a look at the video below!

I have a question! What is the purpose of those books in Biden’s hands?

For sure, you aren’t reading all of them!

Biden administration still hasn’t given the stimulus check he promised on Election Day.  Also, his $15 minimum wage never happened, here is also Syria bombarding, and thousands of Americans are dying due to pandemics.

Below we present you only some of the numerous comments for Biden’s first-month mandate.

Another week of governing like an 80s Republican.

give us our stimulus, give us a living wage, and stop bombing middle eastern countries PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

Aww, he’s got his coloring books and everything.

Two people today had insulin jump over 200% this month… one elderly on a fixed income. A little help please for something so important?

congrats on making sure we all definitely die in poverty man, thanks

didnt you just fail to get us a minimum wage increase like ten hours ago?

Biden’s week:

Didn’t shit his pants in public ✅

Lowered # of people getting checks ✅

Lied about a second drone strike ✅

Didn’t lobby Congress to pass $15 min wage ✅

Thanks for not lifting a finger to help American workers get a poverty wage upgrade.I wouldn’t give a press conference either”

His actions are embarrassing, and many of his supporters already regret giving their vote.

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