Video Of Biden’s Staffers Preparing His Podium Went Viral!!! [VIDEO]

It is hilarious. The video is like a scene from a ‘’Three Stooges’’ episode. The only thing missing is the zany circus music.

If we had to look for the music that will mark Biden’s presidency, for sure, it would be the circus music or the ‘’Benny Hill’’ theme song.

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His entire presidency is a show, and it is bizarre. Doesn’t it remind you of an 80s movie about a senile man who unintentionally becomes a president, with all the zany stuff that happens along his journey?

If you haven’t thought about his presidency this way, well, after the video below, you will start seeing it that way.

I saw this video and couldn’t keep it for myself. You have to watch it!
Joe’s staffer is so concentrated preparing the podium for his boss that it is so funny.

It is bizarre.

Take a look at the video below.

Also, in addition, you can read some of the comments on social media.

“Seriously, someone needs to make a 80’s parody style movie about this”

“Oh I can see , I can see clearly , WE ARE F***ED!!!”

“In which country is that???”

“What in the hell?”

“This is like a scene from a low budget comedy”

“”Allegedly”, this is what 80 million mail in ballots voted for”

“This scene of viral theatre really demonstrates the cult like sacramental reverence they have for the mask. Gross.”

“Commander in Chief, my ass”

“Seriously can’t be real ?”

“This can’t be real, can it?”

“I was looking for some good comedy movie and I finally found it!”

The entire situation is peculiar. Nothing feels like it is real. Maybe it looks this way because everything is set up.

Everything is a setup, and Kamila is so artificial. She is just standing there, like a nurse ‘’on-deck’’ if something goes wrong.

Do you feel the same about this situation?

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