VIDEO: Never-Before-Seen: Played Defense at George Floyd Trial

Former police officer Derek Chauvin faces life in prison for first-degree murder in the George Floyd trial in Minnesota.

The defense has just released a video they call a “bombshell.”

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The defense says George Floyd can be heard on video saying, “I ate too many drugs,” according to HLN.

Floyd did not say that on the video, according to the state expert.

You make the decision.

On Wednesday, an expert witness testified that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin used “deadly” force on George Floyd and held his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes during his murder trial.

Floyd was resisting arrest when officers attempted to get him into their patrol car, according to Sgt. Jody Stiger of the Los Angeles Police Department, who has performed around 2,500 use-of-force investigations throughout his career.

“They should have de-escalated the situation” after officers pushed Floyd to the ground, Stiger said. Instead, he said, the officers escalated the situation.

According to the paper, prosecutors have turned their attention away from eyewitness testimony and toward Chauvin’s use of force, in an attempt to prove that Chauvin’s restraint was unreasonable and resulted in Floyd’s death.

Officers were harassed and distracted by an unruly crowd, according to the prosecution, who encountered initial opposition from Floyd and opted not to use a “hobble” restraint that would have bound his legs to his arms. Floyd died as a result of the medications in his system and underlying medical problems, according to the prosecution.


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