VIDEO: Minneapolis Man Shot By Cops Yesterday, Brandishing Guns

On Sunday afternoon, police shot and killed a young man named Daunte Wright in Minneapolis’ “Brooklyn Center” neighborhood.

The exact circumstances that led to the shooting are unknown.

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Mr. Wright was fired over a “air freshener” in his vehicle, according to left-wing sources, although other accounts say he had a warrant and was resisting arrest.

At this point, the specifics are sketchy at best, and little appears to have been verified.

Last night, the shooting triggered more protests in war-torn Minneapolis, which is still waiting for the verdict in the high-profile George Floyd trial.

Angry demonstrators set fire to stores and robbed businesses all over the city; many of the businesses damaged, such as Walmart, support “Black Lives Matter.”

Protesters have encircled the police station:

Nothing is known about the young man who was killed at the time; according to his family and friends, he was a decent kid who was about to graduate.

However, there are recently discovered videos of Mr. Wright flaunting weapons in online videos.

To be fair, we see a lot of people proudly showing off their guns on a daily basis, but these videos tend to include alcohol, drugs, and firearms, which is a bad combination. Mr. Wright is also aiming the gun directly at the camera, which some may interpret as “threatening.”


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