[VIDEO] Media’s Entire Game – REVEALED! Savvy Young Lady Brought Amazing ‘’Receipts’’ Too.

The truth is always better than the lie!

We all love it when all the stars align and reveal the truth. All the pieces come in the right place of the puzzle, and everything comes to light.

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Precisely this happens when the famous elite wakes up and realizes what is happening around them. The more people wake up, the closer we are to the truth.

From the videos below, that is what you will see.

The George Floyd case is just one polarizing situation that aims to divide the Americans. On one side, we have angry people because a police officer kneeled on the man’s neck when he desperately needed help. On the other hand, we have furious people because a criminal was transformed and represented as a national hero and icon.

If we compare that situation with the coronavirus, we will have the same result. But there is the middle-ground on the George Floyd event that many people are missing.

You may be furious because Floyd received such bad treatment in the last few minutes of his life. Also, you can be angry because a criminal is transformed into a national icon. Both of the events can coexist.

Maybe what happened to George was wrong, and we cannot deny it, but I think that his life choices put his life in danger. Especially his past crimes towards women were ruthless!

All of his past crimes wouldn’t surface if he wasn’t equaled to ‘’Saint’’ status by the media and politicians.

However, we cannot blame Floyd that the world was turned into a civil war in ‘’his name’’. We cannot blame him because more than 20 people died because of the riots. He isn’t responsible for those events.

The media and politicians did that to Mr. Floyd. The worst part here is that we couldn’t keep up with the events anymore because we lost focus.

At this moment, Floyd’s death has become a substantial political circus that splits people, but simultaneously, it was a machine for making money for the BLM communities. More rioting means more money.

If the situations like Floyd’s case are managed correctly, they can unite people and make severe changes in our country! The media and politicians have a different plan for them, and here is the part where the mistakes happen.

Precisely because of this, we will share one video with you!

The savvy young girl realized everything and reveals the media’s game.

They all have an agenda wherever this agenda is; the truth and fairness aren’t.

No one can follow their examples and face success. The only thing those people will face is falling!

Numerous people share my opinion! I don’t support what happened to Floyd, but I didn’t have time to realize what happened because the entire case became politicized. There I lost the case, and I cannot use facts.

The thing that happened to Floyd isn’t right! No one cares if he was a drug dealer, or he consumed drugs, or if he was a criminal or not! NO ONE should experience that right before his death! It isn’t about being right or wrong. It is about being human!

Regardless of the court’s result, one thing is for sure! We are a divided nation thanks to the media!


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