[VIDEO] Matt Gaetz Blames Republicans For New “Woke Military”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) blasted Joe Biden and his administration on Fox News on Friday night for the movement toward “wokeness” in the US military, which he described as one of the few positions in the federal government where the left had not taken power.

Gaetz said, “Congressman Austin Scott and Scott DesJarlais also stood up for veterans of our military.” “The issue with Republicans, however, is that we give up the picture. We allow ourselves to be seduced into believing that what we really ought to be discussing is whether or not there are people who liked the wrong meme, are on the wrong listserv, or get their news from the wrong sources.

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Look at what’s going on in China right now, Tucker: they’re not teaching gender sensitivity. They aren’t concerned about whether or not their military is fully awake. They want to know if they’re making progress in key fields like quantum computing and artificial intelligence.”

“Now, we see the woke-kification of the Department of Defense, and the explanation for that is because the leftists have long ago taken hold of the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Department of State, and the Department of Defense was this last bastion where conservatives held a large amount of power, and they’re trying to strangle out right-leaning military personnel by mobbing them.

“What worries me is that this debate in Congress is obfuscating precisely what the Biden administration is doing. They are concerned that wokeness will not triumph, and our nation and military deserve better.”

This comes after Gaetz called a hearing on “military terrorism” held by the House Armed Services Committee “absolute nonsense.”

“How completely feeble of us, the House Armed Services Committee is investigating constitutionally protected speech by our troops today. “It’s no surprise that the Chinese Communist Party is gaining ground,” Gaetz said.

He went on to say, “The whole object of this hearing is not what the chairman said.” “It’s to deflect attention away from the harassment of US military patriots who don’t hold pre-approved political views. This isn’t about extremism or white supremacy; rather, it’s about woke supremacy.”

The Florida senator continued, “It’s about turning the military from an apolitical institution to an institution dominated by the political left.” “Today, instead of cooperating, we are meeting at a hearing designed to divide us. To persuade us that our countrymen and women who defend us are cruel, unhealthy, or a disease that needs to be exorcised.”


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