VIDEO: Look What’s Falling Out Of Biden’s Suitcase

It’s become a national pastime to watch Joe Biden climb the stairs of Air Force One.

We now hold our breath and watch in anticipation as the so-called “president” makes his way up the signature red stairs, just as we did when baseball was America’s former pastime…

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Is he going to fall flat on his face? Will he be able to hit the top without falling down?

We’re all on the verge of jumping out of our skin!

But, in all seriousness, everybody is hawking Biden whenever he takes those stairs after that disaster where he fell three times UP the stairs. On a rainy day, his most recent trip up the stairs was a total nail-biter.

Biden was carrying an umbrella and a “sachel” as he gingerly climbed the stairwell (no phony “jogging” this time)…

But you have to ask why his handlers are stuffing him with all these material. Is it possible to have an umbrella and a tiny sachel at the same time? It’s almost as if they’re hoping he’ll collapse…

Come on, dude…

This time, Biden did slip as he climbed the stairs, but he caught himself before tumbling down like a bag of hammers.

What’s with the little suitcase he’s holding, though?

Ok, one Twitter user thinks he’s found out what happened to Joe’s little bag…

It’s the funniest – and most accurate – video you’ll see today.

As Joe makes his way up the stairs, keep an eye on what comes out of his little “bribe bag.”

And yes, before CNN’s fact-checkers come after me, this video has been EDITED.

It’s not the real CNN…

It’s known as a “parody.” Please don’t put me in jail because I posted it.

But, really, you have to admire and respect Trump supporters’ imagination because this video was fantastic.


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