VIDEO: Kayleigh Predicts Biden’s Next Press – And She Totally Gets It Right!

We were kinda all aware, but she decided to speak about it on live national TV. Without any regrets…

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After Biden became the first-ever President to wait more than two months to hold a press, we were expecting a tremendous event. But, our expectations failed us once more, because Biden showed us that he can’t be a stable, mindful, and concentrated person.

And the former White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany has her own opinion regarding the next press. And we should totally honor her opinion, because of her recent valuable experience.

“It’ll probably be another 100 days before Biden talks to the press again. “She also described Biden as a “sound-bite president.”

“Oh, I think it’ll be a long time,” McEnany said of when there will be another press conference. “Look, they are very clear in their preference not to have him in this format, also not to have him in the format of a long address, like a joint address to Congress, which he hasn’t done. They keep him in as a sound-bite president. I think there was a lot of pressure put on him to do that one. I venture to say it’ll probably be another 100 days or at least until the media drumbeat pipes up and says we need another before we’ll see him in that format again.”

“I … think he tends to step in it, and he’s not good when pressed on the follow-up about transparency at the border,” she continued. “I mean, he stumbled there and gave really an answer that made no sense saying, well, once my programs get going. It was half an admission that what’s going on down there cannot be seen with the lens of a camera because the American people would not accept it. So, he steps in it, I agree. His tone — it is not robust, but also his answers just are insufficient.”

She has already filed many similar warnings, even before stepping out of her function. But no one listened.

That’s why we need to pay more attention to what experienced people like her tell us and warn us about, since, years don’t always mean experience, as is confirmed in the Biden case…


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