[VIDEO] Kamala Harris Attacks Trump, Calling America Racist And Xenophobic Country During An Asian Community In Georgia!

All the facts that Trump claimed about the election now come to the surface.

Biden and Harris went to Georgia to discuss the Asian-American community’s threats regarding the shootings where numerous Asian women died.

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Harris called America a racist and xenophobic country in Georgia on Friday.

Besides, Kamala harshly criticized and attacked Donald Trump by saying that he is responsible for spreading hate about Asians.

Part of her speech was: “Racism is a real in America. And it has always been. Xenophobia is real in America and always has been…The last year we’ve had people in positions of incredible power scapegoating Asian Americans. People with the biggest pulpits spreading this kind of hate,”

She also brought up the Japanese internment camps in the US. But, Kamala, did you forget, on purpose, FDR drew up the executive order to place Japanese into camps in the 1940s, a Democrat suggested president.

See the video below.

Further on in this article, you can read the cold, hard facts regarding the shooting that targeted massage parlors and anti-Asian violence in America that happened this Friday.

The shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, this Friday targeted six women from “massage parlors,” and they had nothing to do with racism.

The shooter was a sex addict, and as he explained, “he wanted to eliminate locations he saw as ‘temptations’ for his sex addiction.” The Democrat-media complex claimed that racism motivated this act.

FBI statistics present that most anti-Asian violence groups come from black males.

The entire Biden-Harris Administration is anti-American propaganda and a shame!

All our enemies see how weak Harris and Biden are, and they take advantage of that.

On Thursday, China’s top diplomat humiliated Biden and his delegation in a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. He said that Biden and his Democratic Party want to take points to attack the US.

According to the Chinese diplomat, the Democrat Party should handle its own affairs and China its own, without misunderstandings.

Yan said:
“The United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength,”

So what did Harris do once China ate our dinner and accused us of being racist?

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