[VIDEO] Journalist Posts Concerning New Video of Biden – Look At His Eyes

I feel like I’m writing a lot about Biden’s decline.

It’s not difficult to locate them, folks. They’re all over the place.

That’s how quickly this man appears to be deteriorating.

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The most recent example comes from an event in which Biden made the mistake of blaming President Trump for his own border crisis. There was also a press pool present, and Biden, predictably, did not take any questions, and his “handlers” actually sent them away.

This is the final scene of the video, in which Biden, who appears lost and perplexed, asks one of his officers off camera what he should do next.

He appears to be completely oblivious to his surroundings.

However, it was independent journalist Mike Cenovich’s observation that drew my attention. “Look into Joe’s eyes,” he told his audience.

It’s sorry to say, but it appears that the lights are turned off and no one is home.

His eyes dart around aimlessly, and he looks lost and perplexed.

This isn’t typical, and it’s certainly not a “childhood stutter.”

The following is a link to a video:

Here are comments people made about the video clip:

“Sad what they’re doing to this old man”

“Looks around the room confused.”

“Anyone else noticing his very heavy breathing ?”

“Also appears to be hyperventilating. Maybe the useless mask is attributing to his cognitive decline…not enough O2. Science: Masks do harm, not good.”

“His eyes are darting back and forth as if he’s confused while scanning the room.”

“Definitely on some kind of drugs!!”

“He’s fucking toasted…literally an empty suit.”

“Imagine running for president 3 times and you finally get there. Then everyday you have handlers stopping you from even talking out of turn. I feel bad for him. This looks sad to me.”

“Does he even have a pulse? What a Joke and to think 80 million people voted for him, he should be in a home not the Whitehouse.”

“Joe Biden has no idea what’s going on. Who is in charge of the United States?”

“80 million votes”

“Who’s at the wheel here? Bidens clearly not making decisions, and i doubt Kamalas running the show”

“He’s not there… he’s already at bingo in his mind.”



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