Video: John Solomon: Capitol Attack Security Failures; What Crossfire Hurricane Declassified Docs Will Show

The Pentagon chief raised fears about possible conflict at the Capitol days before the disturbing events of January 6 and offered to send the National Guard, says investigative journalist John Solomon.

The basic question is not: did anybody see this coming? And they all agree that the NYPD, the FBI, the Pentagon, the Capitol Police saw something awful coming. I think the basic question was: why were the resources not deployed? And who took the decision? “Says Solomon.

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In this episode, we sit down to discuss inquiries into the January 6 attack on the Capitol with John Solomon, founder of Just the News, as well as soon-to-be-released declassified documents from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Right now, in the next three months or so, my sources are telling me to plan for a few, a limited number of indictments,” Solomon says.”

What’s going to happen to the United States? The prosecution of Attorney John Durham under the incoming Biden Administration?

These are the Leaders of American Thought, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

Jan Jekielek: John Solomon, nice to get you back to the Leaders of American Thought.

John Solomon: Jan, it’s great to be with you.

Mr. Jekielek: So, John, I’m looking at this lovely backdrop behind you. The D.C. condition Right now, after those January 6 attacks on the Capitol, it’s a very different scene [based on what we’re told] to the reporters that we have out there on the field, what they’re really showing us. It’s Monday today; this episode is going to air on Tuesday. What are stuff l

Mr. Solomon: There are 28,000 soldiers in the capital city, including National Guardsmen and National Guardswomen, when you think about it. That’s five to seven times what’s left for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have one of the biggest U.S. troop deployments to an American city in American history. The town is under lockdown.

Each corner is guarded by a mix of police and guardsmen. The guardsmen are all carrying their automatic weapons, but when you look at them, it doesn’t look [like] they have ammunition. They appear to have empty cartridges underneath.

But the showing of force is impressive. With shock and awe, it is built to ward off anyone who may dare to come to this city in the next few days and try to cause trouble. I think they still have people on their nerves. Near the Capitol this morning, there was a small fire that triggered an evacuation; it was actually in a homeless encampment.

I believe there are nerves in the fray. When I spoke to the city’s security apparatus, just a few minutes ago, when I spoke to the Pentagon’s chief of staff, there is a high degree of faith that we are in a security position as strong as we will ever be if someone were to try anything, and I think that alone is enough to avoid any major violence on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

But in the Capitol, it is a remarkable show. I can’t remember a moment in my thirty years in the city when soldiers are in the Capitol except for a ceremony, maybe, but they’re there in full view, in full uniform, and ready to assist the Capitol Police in any security measure.

Mr. Jekielek: John, a lot of knowledge is floating around, and what’s true, what’s not accurate, is uncertain. There’s some data about some form of insider threat inside the real military. From what you read, is there any reality to this?

Mr. Solomon: He did a report on that. There is, therefore, a normal screening mechanism, not based on any particular information, but simply a concern that, because some ex-military and current military members were supposed to be at the Capitol during the riots of January 6.


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