[VIDEO] Joe Speaks To Reporters! But What Are Those ‘’Strange Microphones’’??

We have firm evidence that this is not a real video!

Conspiracy theories occur when we no longer believe in institutions. Right now, we don’t believe in them, resulting from the 2020 Election. Last year, millions of Americans felt like their votes were insignificant like they weren’t American citizens. Because of this fraud, people now create conspiracy theories.

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You, the Democrats, are those who can claim that the 2020 election was the safest and transparent, but no one would believe you. Numerous Americans think they are eliminated by the state officials, courts, and the media.

Because of that, it is time for conspiracy theories and suspicion.

These doubts came after the video that flamed the media at the moment.

The recording where Biden talks to the reporters and answers questions on the border!
All the people, who saw the video, claim that this is not real and that something is unusual. The ’’strangle’’ posture of the microphones doesn’t line-up properly with Biden’s body.

Even at one point, the President’s hand goes over the microphone, moving behind him.

You are going to be the judge. What do you see?

Below you can read some of the comments.

“Are there any other angles of this footage? There were other cameras there. It’s probably just weirdness with the lens and angle.”

“Even when you line up the second angle with the first one it does not make sense how his hand is over the grey mic in the first video.”

“Why is he on a green screen?”

“This is fake. He’s not there”

Maybe I am not a video expert, but I think that everything is evident here. The video is a montage!

I don’t know what is going with the video, and the ‘’strange microphones’’ are doing so magic tricks.

One user on Twitter shared his logical explanation.

“On closer inspection, his right-hand pinky bumps the foremost black mic. The grey mic looks like a smaller mic that’s as close as the black 1, but it may just be an optical illusion where it’s actually larger and further away. ”

It happens the things to be strange or bizarre as videos show, and even if they are shared on Twitter, things are a bit fuzzy. I have noted that, and something like that happened in Trump’s videos.

It is probably accurate; below, you can see another picture that looks very normal to me.

Another video emerged on Twitter. It is as normal as the picture.

No one knows what is going on, but someone needs to clear things up. The government and the media at the video are very suspicious, creating doubts in their appearances. They are motivating people to invent conspiracy theories.

Only if they try to act more normal and not hide Biden, we, and all Americans, wouldn’t have to believe in the theories. People won’t come up with some conclusion.

It is in our human nature.

This is precisely what the left did with the Russia collusion story. The media took part in that, and they invented the conspiracy theories that Trump is a ‘’Russian asset’’ for numerous years, without proof, and they aren’t reliable stories.


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