[VIDEO] Jesse Waters Reveals Latest Underhand Trick Congressional Dems Are Playing.

The wolf changes its fur, but never its behavior. It is the same with the Democrats in our country. They are back to the tricks and frauds.

Haven’t you noticed so far that when we question America’s good, what the Democrats do?

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Well, for sure, they aren’t doing what needs to be done. The Democrats are always doing some tricks, power grabs, and let’s not forget the sneaky moves.

Jesse Watters said that they are back at their good, old, evil masks. This isn’t something we weren’t expecting…

They have numerous tricks up their sleeves. Congressional Dems’ latest moves are sneaky bills, made to tick the Americans to create a ‘’political power-play’’ contrasting the Republicans.

Below you can see the video and conclude by yourself.

  • Have democrats changed their behavior?
  • Are the Democrats good people now?
  • Do they fight for America’s good?

Wayne DupreeOpera News Intelligencer

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