VIDEO: Jen Psaki Says Obama Is President?!

Jen Psaki is a truly honest person by heart, and she has proved that fact to the broader American public many times.

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During Psaki’s interview with the View, she once again unknowingly let the world know who’s calling the shots behind the scenes.

While Psaki was talking about when she will resign from her current position as Secretary, she was quoted saying ‘I don’t know when I’m leaving. This is an honor and a privilege and I love working for President Obam-Biden.’

Watch the moment she fumbled her words here:

Here’s more from the Daily Mail original report on the matter.

“White House press secretary Jen Psaki doled out some advice during an appearance on The View Friday on how Americans can get over the voting rights bill failing in the U.S. Senate while also shedding some light on her future plans.
‘So my advice to everyone out there who’s frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off – feel these emotions, go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita, do whatever you need to do this weekend and then wake up on Monday morning, we’ve got to keep fighting,’ Psaki said.

She noted that the ‘path forward’ is to simply ‘keep fighting,’ as the current make-up and rules of the Senate will continue to prevent voting rights bills from being passed.

At the end of the interview, Behar also asked Psaki if she still planned to leave the job sometime this year. ‘I don’t know when I’m leaving. This is” an honor and a privilege and I love working for President Obam-Biden,’ she said, almost slipping up and saying her ex-boss’ name.

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