VIDEO: Jen Can’t Explain Why Migrants Get Hotels While National Guard Got “Garage Floors”

Democrats, in case you didn’t know, don’t give a damn about you or me.

They are unconcerned about “Americans” as a whole. They know that no matter how much they are ignored and abused, their low-information/victimhood voters will support them.

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Democrats already have the lazy/gullible American vote, so they don’t have to cater to them.

That gives Democrats more time to court their new constituency… Illegal immigrants.

That’s why Democrats would happily allow American National Guardsmen to sleep on garage floors while illegal aliens are housed in hotel rooms with taxpayer funds.

That’s why Jen is having trouble explaining this shambles…

She provides a “word salad” explanation that falls far short of the mark.

Jen is unable to explain why they did this because the only true explanation would be, “We despise anyone who does not vote for us,” which she will not say…yet.

Jen’s flimsy excuse is that they tried to fix it when they noticed the Guard sleeping on the floor…

The Democrats plan everything for illegal aliens, but they overlook the needs of the heroes who protect them.

That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrat Party and how committed they are to putting “America First.”



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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