VIDEO: Girl Almost Stabbed Thanks The Police

“She came after me,” the girl threatened by Ma’Khia Bryant at knifepoint tells officials, according to new police video. That is why the officer shot the boy, according to the survivor, who expresses appreciation for the officer’s behavior.

Following the fatal shooting Tuesday evening, Columbus Police Interim Chief Michael Woods released additional body camera footage as well as the 911 call.

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The survivor of the alleged stabbing recounts the frightening situation before the girl in the bright pink sweatsuit is seated in the police car. One of the cops inquires, “She came out here with a knife earlier?” referring to Bryant. “She had just done it. This is why the cops did it “She responds by approaching the car.

On the video, the female in pink can be heard telling an officer, “She came after me.” “With a knife?” the officer inquires. “Yeah, then he got her,” she says.

Officers were dispatched to the scene after the disturbance was confirmed by an unidentified female. Bryant swings the steak knife at two others in the body-worn video. According to Fox 8, Woods would not reveal who made the original 911 call.

The officer meets the boy, who appears to be armed with the black-handled sword, chasing one of the girls outside the residence in the first truncated film. The first chased girl collapses in front of the cop on the lawn.

Before the teen targets another female on the hood of a nearby parked vehicle, the officer orders the suspected suspect to “get down.”

The officer shoots multiple shots at the suspected attacker, striking Bryant, while the teen swings the apparent weapon at the girl in pink attire.
In another film, an officer can be heard repeatedly questioning passers-by for the teen’s name, then saying: “Ma’Khia, come on. Ma’Khia, please stay with us.”
Despite circumstantial facts, the mainstream media continues to attempt to paint the responding officer who defended the victim as a “racist” cop.


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