VIDEO From Australia’s C-19 Concentration Camps! Mask Mandates And $5K Fine For Leaving The Cell!

Haley Hodgson tested negative on the PCR C-19 test and still was locked in the concentration camps, isolated!

One imprisoned woman in Australia’s C-19 quarantine cams for 14 days released one video from the inside of the facility where officers defended the restrictions saying ‘’It doesn’t have to make sense.’’

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In the video, we can see the encounter between Haley Hodgson and the officers and the rigorous restrictions inside the Howard Springs facility.

Hodgson was moved to the camp as a close contact of an infected person. She explained that health officials came to her home to ask her about her contact with the positive patient and if she had tested for the virus.

She was afraid to take her into the camps; Hodgson lied to the officials that she had taken a test. Immediately once they realized she wasn’t tested, they detained her at the quarantine facility.

She tested negative 48 hours after she arrived at the camp, and regardless of the test, she remained there for two weeks.

In the video she shared, we can see her standing on the balcony of her quarantine cabin, and the officers arrived to issue her a warning that if she left the balcony, she would receive a fine of AUD 5,000 (USD 3,500).

Even though she tested negative, the officers forbade her to leave her cell. “it’s an official warning – that you have to stay on your balcony and obey the rules while you’re here.”

“You are allowed to go to the laundry,” the masked and aproned marshal said, “but you’ve got to wear a mask. And you definitely can’t go up to the fencing rails … you can’t leave your balcony to go to the fence to talk to somebody else.”

In the video, we can see her emphasizing the discrepancy in the order that prohibits her from being close to the fence while others were much closer; Hodgson says, “it makes no sense.”

The officer replied, “it doesn’t have to make sense. There has (sic) to be lines everywhere drawn … one of those lines is you cannot leave your balcony, and you cannot go to someone else.”

“When it makes no sense or doesn’t seem right to you, that is the line, and that’s what the law is, and that’s how it goes.”

The rules were created for the camps, as the area was highly infectious. Hodgson emphasized that “all of us people [in the camp] are negative [for COVID-19].” Although acknowledging this, the officer maintained that “the risk is still very high.”

The officer asked her to leave the balcony without a mask on, and if she left her room other than to visit the laundry would constitute an infraction, fining her with AUD 5K.

“We could even do that now, but we’re giving the warning first, have a chat with you because it’s a big fine.”

“We’re all just doing the right thing, yeah?” “I don’t want to fight with you, I just want everybody to do the right thing, and unfortunately, it’s my job to make sure they do.”

The officer distanced himself and added, “the ins and outs have got nothing to do with me. I’m just here to make sure the rules are adhered to.”

“It’s inhumane what they’re doing,” Hodgson stated. “You are so small; they overpower you, and you are literally nothing.”

On December 1, 3 aboriginal teenagers held at the Howard Springs internment camp were arrested once they escaped from their rooms through the fence and fled on foot.

All of them tested negative for the virus. Still, the manhunt was sparked. The boys were fined $5K for each.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner said, “Absconding from Howard Springs isn’t just dangerous — it is incredibly stupid. Because we will catch you, and there will be consequences.”

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