VIDEO: Fr. Altman Is Back With His Judgement On Biden: “What A Buffoon!”

The priest who just last year rocked us with a warning, “You cannot be Catholic and Democrat,”  is back!

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Seeing that nothing gets to the authorities, he once again decided to speak about the COVID vaccines and making headlines with that. Fr. James Altman gave an exclusive interview for LifeSiteNews, speaking about many different aspects of the whole COVID 19 crisis and the vaccinations.

“This is how stupid the left wing is,” said Fr. Altman. “They think they’re attacking me, but what they have done is they have created international news, spreading the truth that I have been speaking. I could never have done this on my own.”

He explained that he wants to lead a simple life, making being faithful to his faith by what he’s actually doing in this world.

“It’s coming here if we don’t stand up to it,” said Altman. “Shepherds of the Church, bishops of the Church: You better get united, you better start standing up for the faithful. That’s your job.”

“Back when this whole thing started, the bishops of the Church lost a great opportunity to finally stand up and be relevant again,” noted Altman. The U.S. bishops could’ve “shown an abundance of courage, instead of an abundance of cowardice.”

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“They lost the opportunity, they dropped the ball, they abandoned the sheep,” said Altman. “It’s like a blinking pink neon sign,” repeatedly pointing out that the Church is “non-essential, non-essential, non-essential.”

“Why should people believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist when the shepherds of the Church in this country and around the world have said it doesn’t matter if you receive or not?” wondered Altman.

“There’s an absolute lack of faith,” he declared. “This is the bad fruit that has come from the bad trees over the last thirty years, really since Vatican II when they destroyed our churches, when they eviscerated our sacred liturgy, and when they made it a turning toward man instead of toward God.”

“No, Joe Biden, it’s my patriotic duty NOT to get your little science experiment inside my body,” emphasized Altman. “What a buffoon!”

If I was Biden, and if I got criticized by a PRIEST, I would sit down and start thinking about what I did wrong?!

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