[VIDEO] Fox News’ Reporters Attached Biden For The Press Conference

Biden is aware that nothing goes right when his best friend, Chris Wallace, isn’t around.

Today Biden held his first press conference! Finally!

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But, it was a complete disaster. Mr. President got lost on so many occasions!

Even at some point, he wasn’t aware of what he was doing, so Biden lowered his head and said, “anyway.”

Moreover, it wasn’t the typical blunder… it was something different.

Joe wasn’t entirely prepared for this event, so he had to look at his notes all the time. He even had sheets on which were the reporters’ names to call for the question.

I thought that he couldn’t say one thing without looking at his notes, and Fox News’s reporter slammed him all.

He wasn’t amused by Biden’s press conference, even though he was his most loyal sympathizer.

Chris Wallace, the one who defended Biden during his first debate, also harshly criticized him because of his bumbling.

However, Biden’s first press conference was a complete disaster!

See the videos below:

The Fox News reporter, Bret Baier said: “he went into a rhetorical cul-de-sac and couldn’t get out of it and then just punted”

Also, Chris Wallace commented: “I was also struck by the fact that it seemed on every foreign policy question… [Joe Biden] went to his briefing book… and was reading obviously White House guidance, White House talking points. Covering Ronald Reagan for six years, I never saw that.”


And Shannon Bream stated: “Biden punted….a lot of vague answers.”
Joe Biden was preparing his speech for two months and still came unprepared. He also had numerous cheat sheets.

At the press conference, our President was confused, and he couldn’t keep up with all the questions that the reporters asked him and the information in his note.

Simultaneously, Biden didn’t look well. He seemed somehow unhealthy, senile, and inept.

In my opinion, Biden didn’t know where he is most of the time.

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