VIDEO: Fox News’ Peter Doocy Calls Biden Out For Filibuster Lie

On Friday, Fox News’ Peter Doocy read aloud a quote from Joe Biden from 2005 during a press conference in which he expressed strong support for the filibuster.

The aforementioned remark refers to Biden’s recent assertion that the filibuster is “a remnant of the Jim Crow era.”

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“[The filibuster rule] has been violated since its inception, but particularly in the last 20 years. Let’s start with the violence, shall we? “In the video above, Biden says in his first and so far only press conference.

According to Doocy in the first video, Biden didn’t think so in 2005, when he said:

“Changes to Senate rules to help one political battle or another might become standard operating procedure, which, in my opinion, would be disastrous.”

Psaki’s viewpoint on the topic is once again unique. She claims that from 1917 to 1971, the filibuster was used “only 58 times” in the Senate (Jim Crow laws were passed in different states as early as the early 1870s), but that “last year, last year alone, it was used five times as many.”

Doocy then inquired as to whether removing the filibuster would essentially mean “one-party law,” citing Biden’s comment that “there won’t be a Republican party” by 2024.

Psaki gave another non-answer, claiming that Biden really wants to “work with the Republicans.” She never verified or refuted Biden’s actual comment.


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