[VIDEO] Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Reveals FBI Secret…

What the hell is going on with the FBI, is a question that the majority of Americans are wondering.

Ex Secret Service agent Dan Bongino answers this question and reveals what the FBI is really up to…

It’s also worrying.

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Dan points out that the FBI had been alerted of 18 actual terrorists – 18 – but failed to stop them all.

Instead, the FBI is on the move around the country, hunting down so-called “political rebels” who oppose the progressive religion.

The FBI is ostensibly a bipartisan organization. Do they make you feel that way? They don’t, in reality.

I’ll explain why… It’s because the FBI is slowly transforming into a full-fledged communist state.

Since communists claim that incarceration is “fascism,” they believe that the only people who should be imprisoned are political dissidents.

This is a position that the FBI has now taken on as well.

They’d rather apprehend Trump supporters who exchanged memes in 2016 or grandmothers wearing MAGA hats walking around the Capitol than criminals and terrorists.

This is the mentality of a socialist.

This does not only apply to the FBI; it also extends to our entire intelligence community, and, unfortunately, our military’s upper echelon is on the same dangerous path.

Dan realizes what’s going on, and he not only calls the FBI out, but he also mentions the 18 “proven” terrorists who have slipped through the cracks.

The following is a link to a video:



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