[VIDEO] Donald Trump Jr. Reveals His Father’s Master Plan to Punish GOP

The impeachment sham is over and you know what that means… President Trump is going to make his big “political comeback,” and it’s going to be great by the sound of things, and the GOP establishment hacks are going to be running for cover.

Oh. Don J. Hannity appeared on the show where he outlined what the plan of his dad is to get rid of the losers of the America Last Establishment who are destroying this country.

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Grab your popcorn, because it’ll be nice!

Donald Trump Jr. indicated that in the coming years, his father plans to fight for a nationalist ‘America First’ vision for the Republican party, speaking on Monday night with Sean Hannity of Fox News.

“Trump will keep pushing the agenda of America First, fighting for the American worker,” Don Jr. said.

Trump Jr. also revealed that during his presidency, the President would drop the feckless Republican establishment, jettisoning the dead horse after a series of betrayals. The President’s younger son revealed that on Sunday night, days after President Trump was exonerated in a sham Senate impeachment trial which ended in his acquittal, he had spoken with his father about his political plans.

“He’s going to push for the candidates who are going to do that, not the random guys in the establishment.”

For the traitors in the GOP, the day of reckoning is fast- approaching.


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