VIDEO: Disturbing Proof COVID is a Full-Blown “Cult”

I was scrolling through Twitter today when I came across this video, and my jaw literally dropped.

This weird video only confirmed my suspicions that the left was secretly in love with the COVID virus.

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My hypothesis is that the left has spent the last four years searching for a “silver bullet” to bring down President Trump, and nothing has succeeded until COVID came along, which they love and worship despite the fact that it is lethal and risky.

It’s similar to the “Godzilla” complex. COVID is a monster, but it’s “their monster,” having defeated a bigger, meaner monster (Orange Man Bad), so they revere and worship it.

This hypothesis of mine, believe me, holds water…

Take a look at this eerie video.

This strange little fella sings a very mentally unstable song for Dr. Fauci – the guy who has done nothing right, flip-flopped all over the place, and politicized this virus to the point of insanity – at a New York City event where they’re selling the vaccine.

But the left, blinded by the COVID CULT, sees Fauci as the “Dr. Frankenestien” who (created?) and governs COVID-19.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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