[VIDEO] Denzel Washington With Savage “Red-Pilled” Message For Fake News

Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s most sensible, intelligent, and articulate guys.

And he has no qualms about saying what he thinks. Nobody – not even the most TDS Hollywood kooks – dares to call Denzel out for it because he is so powerful, so beloved, and such a legend.

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Last month, I wrote a story about Denzel Washington’s support for police officers and the rule of law. It was incredible.

Denzel is spreading a pro-law and order message while his wealthy, elitist Hollywood co-workers are calling for “defunding the police” in poo communities that need it the most.

It doesn’t end there, though.

Denzel is also an outspoken Christian who enjoys sharing his faith journey with others.

Mr. Washington is the epitome of a great American who “gets it,” and his amazing, bold, and completely accurate remarks about the BS fake news media are the cherry on top of his red pill sundae.

The following is a link to a video:

It’s critical to amplify voices like this, rather than people like Chelsea Handler and that Carrot Top-looking lady (Kathy Griffin).

Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors, and I can’t get enough of him!

Denzel’s tweets are in line with what the majority of Americans believe – not this communist “cancel society” nonsense.


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