VIDEO: Dan Bongino UNLEASHES On Geraldo Rivera

On Wednesday, analyst Dan Bongino went off on Geraldo Rivera during a heated Fox News segment about the continuing violence between Israel and Palestine.

Rivera was accused by Bongino of spreading “misinformation” about Israel and the United States. After Rivera asked President Joe Biden to “demand a truce” between Israel and Palestine, the discussion took a turn for the worse.

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“Geraldo, you do this all the time,” Bongino said. “This is complete nonsense, and I’m tired of it. You use your power of authority to spread lies and play this emotional game with the audience.”

“Punk, stop hitting me!” Rivera grumbled. “Take care of the problem! Do you have the courage to solve the problem without addressing it — this isn’t about you! You didn’t come on the show to pick a fight with me! You came on the show to discuss the issue! Do you have an opinion on the subject? Bongino, I’m sick of you! I’m fed up with you! You’re a thug! You’re a thug!”

Bongino jumped in, clapping Rivera and chastising him for his “outrageous” conduct. “You’re an out-of-control lunatic,” Bongino screamed at the camera after Rivera hurled a piece of paper at the camera. “Are you able to relax?”

“It’s as if they don’t exist at all. “Palestinian children are being murdered, and they don’t even exist,” Rivera said. “I demand an immediate cease-fire! I demand a halt to the fighting! Now is the time for a cease-fire! There were no American arms used to murder children! Put a stop to it!”


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