VIDEO: Cop Hilariously Shuts BLM Punk And He Turns Violent

oe Biden and his far-left congressional allies have effectively polarized large segments of the American public toward law enforcement. You can see how anti-police sentiment has manifested in the video below.

A BLM punk can be seen in the viral video below questioning a Metropolitan Police offer if they were going to kill him “like Makhia Bryant.”

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“Are ya’ll going to murder me as Ma’Khia Bryant did? “What the f***?” exclaimed the far-left militant.

“Are you going to try to stab someone like her?” the officer asked, remaining calm, cool, and composed.

There’s a bang. Check out the video below:

The BLM radical melted down and threw a hissy fit in response.
“No, but she requested assistance from you. What the f*** are you talking about? He responded, “Get your goofy a**, and you just said that on camera, this s*** is going viral.”

For days, BLM, Joe Biden, and the entire Democratic Party have defended MaKhia Bryant’s conduct. They all assume that neighborhood knife fights are completely “natural,” and that the police need not intervene.

The left is still defending Bryant’s conduct, despite new video evidence of her screaming “B**CH IMMA STAB THE F**K OUT OF YOU!”


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