VIDEO CONFESSION: Pornography In Schools: Teachers Also Suffer In Silence

The case in the Leander Independent School District left many with their jaws down.

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How could something so devastating slip into the school books of the public curriculum. And once it did and was noticed – how could no one, but parents seem to care?

The school teachers gave anonymous testimonies, giving hints about what happened in Leander.

(The video with the testimonies starts at about minute 16)

For the purpose of the story, as well as for your own better knowledge, let me remind you with this snip of an article, exactly what happened.

“In the fall of 2020, according to LISD English teachers, a small group of LISD administrators made the nearly-unilateral decision to deemphasize traditional canon literature in favor of more “diverse,” contemporary literature, which featured what many parents complained was “adult themes.” Passages in the books included graphic depictions of gang rape and references to strap-on sex toys, masturbation, and ejaculation. Some of the most violent and graphic scenes involved incest and depictions of the abuse of minors, including prepubescent children. One graphic novel included demeaning images of nude women engaged in sex acts, including one on a dog leash and another being coerced at gunpoint.

Upon learning of the content, parents complained vociferously but were met with protest from a small group of activist teachers. In addition to being called “racists,” “homophobes,” “religious zealots,” and “bigots” for questioning the age-appropriateness of the books, some of the parents who voiced their dissent received anonymous cardboard penises at their homes with Christian iconography (ex: “He has risen”). Others received pornography subscriptions to their personal emails featuring bestiality, still, others received putrid food items and dead animals on their doorsteps. ”

And in response,  the LISD Communications Coordinator released a statement claiming that the books were removed from classrooms “last fall…not in March 2021.” However, according to multiple teachers who wanted to stay anonymous, the books were “never removed.” One teacher stated that “the books are still in my room…I got in trouble for having them in a less visible part of the shelf…The facilitator said that was ‘soft censorship’ because the kids can’t see them easily.”

What is going on?

Why are schools being so pushy on this obviously wrong subject?


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