[VIDEO] CO Taken Hostage By Inmate, “Crawls” With Hands Bound

In an Oaklahoma correctional facility, a prisoner overpowered a corrections officer and held him hostage in a horrific situation.

The most frightening aspect of it all is that the whole terrifying hostage incident was videotaped.

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Fortunately, the officer was rescued and rushed to the hospital, where he was checked out and no serious injuries were suffered.

The troubling feature of this video is how closely it parallels ISIS-style hostage videos.

While dispensing drugs, the officer was kidnapped and held hostage.

Officials say an Oklahoma corrections officer was forced to crawl on his knees after being kidnapped by an inmate, who was then shot and killed when he held something to the warden’s throat, according to shocking images.

According to video posted by Fox News, the deadly drama at Oklahoma County Detention Center was streamed live on social media by other prisoners — as well as the hostage-taker himself.

They show the cop, who was reportedly “overrun” while dispensing drugs, sweating and appearing panicked while on his knees with his hands tied behind him and his mask pulled down away from his face.

One man was heard ranting in a video that the protest “ain’t got much to do with this.” The voice said, “He just happens to be a product of the situation, man.”

The inmate who kidnapped the CO took his radio and keys and began releasing other inmates on the 10th floor.

He also complained about the prison’s conditions, saying, “We can’t take showers.”

Police attempted to de-escalate the incident at first, but when the prisoner seemed to be holding something against the correctional officer’s throat, he was shot and killed.


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