VIDEO: CNN Director Tells “COVID Tricks” in Latest Undercover Video

I understand that Project Veritas videos can be underwhelming at times. That isn’t to suggest they don’t do fantastic work. However, there are moments when they fall short of expectations.

This isn’t one of those occasions.

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These videos are, if anything, much more harmful than the hype.

What you’re about to see should be considered illegal. I’m not being sarcastic or charming when I say that what CNN is doing could land them in prison. I’m not joking. This is the height of power exploitation and mind control a la the CIA, and it has no place on American airwaves.

Thanks to a series of hidden camera videos featuring CNN’s director, Charlie Chester, who can’t seem to stop talking about the fake news networks’ propaganda games, CNN is in a boiling hot cauldron of water.

We heard yesterday that CNN’s main purpose in existence was to oust Trump from office – is this really what a mass media outlet should be aiming for?

CNN has now opened the door to litigation from both Trump and Gaetz, and I for one hope that they follow through and bring this scumbag CIA news organization to its knees.

But the coverage for CNN isn’t getting any better…

The latest batch of hidden camera footage is just as damning and sinister.

We now know, thanks to Mr. Chatty Charlie, that the network employs small “tricks” to keep people terrified of COVID.

Why are they doing this in the first place?

It’s because COVID has big scores, according to the owner…

“If it bleeds, it leads…” as he puts it.

Right now, people in North Korea and China are watching CNN Charlie and saying to themselves, “Man, we need to up our propaganda game.”

Obviously, what we’re seeing coming out of Charlie’s mouth isn’t surprising to anyone who has been following CNN’s antics in any way. But now that the silent part has been spoken aloud, something must be done.

They need to feel the wrath of Congress and the FCC, because this kind of deception and misinformation has no place in America.

CNN actively participated in election meddling by using its power and influence. This so-called “news” network is really working for a political party, and those who watch it should be aware of this.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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