VIDEO: Chris Wallace Makes Mayor Pete To Admit He Let”Mislead” Americans!

I really admire journalists who can lead an interview and tell a story just as good as a game of chess – planned up-front to the smallest details, and with a cause to make the other player make a move that would destroy himself!

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Though Wallace was declared to be one of the biggest weasels at Fox News, he can, from time to time, re-awaken the good journalist he used to be.

Such as in this video we’re about to show you.

Pete Buttigieg along with Biden’s administration, in a desperate try to promote the new and crazy-expensive administration bill, stated that it would be a huge job-opener, opening up 19 million jobs!

The reality?

Only 2,7!

That’s quite a big miss!

Here’s a short transcript:

“I want to give you another fact-check. All of you in the Biden administration have been selling this plan as a huge jobs creator,” Wallace said, sharing a video of Buttigieg from a week earlier touting the plan and claiming that it would create 19 million jobs. “But it turns out the study you are citing from Moody’s Analytics says the economy will add 16.3 million jobs without the infrastructure bill and 2.7 million more with it. So it doesn’t, as you said last Sunday, create 19 million jobs. Again, Secretary Buttigieg, why mislead folks?”

“You’re right, I should have been more precise,” Buttigieg agreed, saying that the real takeaway was that there would be more jobs created with the plan than without it.

“Two million, not 19 million,” Wallace pushed back.

“According to that Moody’s analysis, 2.7 million additional jobs if we pass this package — just further proof that it’s good for the economy and taken as a whole it’s going to add jobs compared to doing nothing,” Buttigieg repeated his point, prompting Wallace to ask whether it was fair to say that he and others within the administration had “exaggerated the jobs impact.


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