VIDEO: Bongino Fired The Dems Like He Was On A Rap-Battle!

I LOVE this man and his sharp tongue!

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He’s not afraid to cut and open the traitors, by pointing them out the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

While speaking with host Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino was straightforward to the point that the Democrats “are deliberately destroying American cities” and are willing to watch people die to make a political point.

This is how the whole thing began. Hannity mentioned that in NY, “over 3,000 police officers were hit and hurt with bricks and bottles and rocks and Molotov cocktails, we saw it with our own eyes.”

Hannity added: “Now these states like New York have made a decision that even if you’re mobbed and looting and arson and throwing bricks and bottles at police officers, even though we have all the incontrovertible evidence, your video, your face doing it, we will not prosecute you? How does that not result in more of this behavior?”

Dan Bongino replied: “Listen, it is time to stop screwing around with this. I think too many Republicans, you know, not you or me, but too many Republicans have been too delicate,” he began.

And then, he really went off like a bomb:

“They’re either one of a couple of things here. Either they’re the dumbest people on the planet Earth, which I don’t believe. I would love to say that, but it’s not true. Or they are deliberately destroying American cities.

Option two is more frightening because they are not stupid. They saw the broken windows policing implemented across the country, Bill Bratton, Jack Maple, Rudy Giuliani, and others across the country, where they enforced low-level crimes. You know what happened, Sean? When you take the low-level criminals off the street, they are not on the street to commit high-level crimes. You have to understand this was a revolutionary thing, and I have lived through it as a police officer at the time, and it cleaned up New York City like that.

So what does that say to you, that they are throwing that out the window? They are willing to watch people die to make a political point? That is really sick.”

“They’re into like this whole cutesy time crap. That’s not my bag of doughnuts. It’s time to start speaking the truth here, okay, Sean? We know what works in law enforcement because we have tried it. We have been there. I was a cop in the Giuliani era in New York and they had a policy on rioting, it was very simple,” Bongino added.

“The first person who throws a rock goes to jail. The second person who throws a bottle, Sean, you know what happens to him? He goes to jail. Here’s a pop quiz: What happens to the third person? Nothing, because there is no third person! That is why we didn’t have any significant rioting back then. It is not a complicated anti-riot policy,” he concluded.


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