VIDEO: Biden’s Speech Becomes Weirdly Slurred Mid-Sentence

When talking to ABC News host George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday about embattled Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, President Joe Biden showed yet another jarring and unexplained struggle with simple vocabulary.

Biden appeared on the far-left network to address the governor’s mounting sexual misconduct allegations, saying he should resign if an investigation finds he was improper toward women. Cuomo’s additional COVID-19 nursing home deaths scandal in New York was not mentioned by Biden or Stephanopoulos. However, Biden had a lot to say about Cuomo’s female accusers.

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“I know you said you want the investigation into Cuomo’s alleged activity with women to continue,” Stephanopoulos said. “Should he resign if the inquiry backs up the women’s claims?”

Biden followed the “believe all women” approach, omitting to note that his own accuser, Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer, never had her day in court after accusing Biden of sexual harassment when the two were alone in Washington in 1993 last year.

Last spring, Biden did refute her allegation, and the mass media and people like Stephanopoulos were satisfied with that denial.

Meanwhile, the #MeToo campaign and Democrats, who requested due process after their party’s presidential candidate was accused of imposing himself on a young woman, have hung Reade out to dry. Biden has also let the controversy slide by without seeking accountability.

The president, on the other hand, had a lot to say about Cuomo’s abuse accusers.

Regarding Cuomo’s possible resignation, Biden decided that, depending on the result of the inquiry, the governor might step down, and added, “I think he’ll probably end up being charged, too.”

When asked, “Can [Cuomo] serve effectively?” Biden seemed to lose his position mid-sentence in a follow-up comment in which he tried to communicate a message about Cuomo’s future.

He said, “Well, that’s a decision for them to make abouhesberday can be successful.”

In this clip from the interview, starting around the 0:28 mark, pay careful attention:

As he pronounced the incomprehensible expression, Biden’s jaw also snapped to the correct. “Abouhesberday” is a phrase that does not appear in any English dictionaries. There are no foreign uses of that term, and no evidence that it is part of any language.

This, of course, takes us back to Biden’s recent and disturbing syntax problems, as well as his memory. In the final cut of his ABC News spot on Tuesday, Biden appeared sharp, but editing can work wonders for people who don’t instinctively woo cameras. Other “abouhesberday” moments may have occurred that we will never know about.

Even ABC felt compelled to defend Biden, presenting a blatantly misleading transcript of the relevant sentence. “Well, that’s a decision for them to make — if he can be effective,” Biden said, according to the transcript. Just a cursory review of the video shows that this sentence falls well short of what the president said.

However, we have long been aware of the establishment media’s persistent attempts to paint Biden in a favorable light.

The argument is that Biden has been dogged by rumors that he is losing his cognitive ability, and this speculation isn’t coming from the internet’s fringes.

Putting aside the fact that Biden’s former stenographer reported last year that the 78-year-old has lost 50% of his cognitive ability in recent years, our own eyes and ears warn us that something is wrong with the 78-year-old.

For the time being, whatever the problem is, it is between Biden and his doctor.

What’s more worrying is that our country is now dealing with rising fuel prices, a grim employment outlook, and a full-fledged humanitarian crisis that Biden’s administration has generated on the Mexican border. Despite these and other unimportant problems, Biden hasn’t spoken to reporters in a formal setting since taking office two months ago to answer their queries.

Perhaps it’s because of encounters like the one with Stephanopoulos.

Biden seems to struggle in conditions where he must think rapidly. A structured media briefing, for example, could theoretically introduce the public to a man who is unable to speak plainly, succinctly, and frankly.

Will Biden be able to address questions in a way that calms the public’s fears about his policy positions and their negative effects on their lives at his upcoming March 25 media briefing?

More information will be available next week. For the time being, if you watched the video above and have doubts about Biden’s ability to lead a global superpower, you’re not alone.

What we’re seeing is out of the ordinary.


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