[VIDEO] Biden Makes a Self-Destruction Statement About Trump’s Border Visit

Biden’s situation at the US-Mexico border is a total mess, and he keeps digging himself deeper into it.

Trump recently slammed Biden for rescinding his “Remain in Mexico” scheme, undermining all border peace, and is now threatening to visit the region.

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And Biden just shot himself in the foot by making a disastrous joke about Trump’s border visit, basically saying, “I don’t care.”

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t give a damn about what’s going on at the border, Biden…

Take a look:

Joe, that’s not a good look… Something should pique your interest.

And it appears he’s following Kamala’s lead by saying he’ll go to the border “at some point.”

On Sunday, US President Joe Biden said he intended to visit Mexico’s border “at some point,” and that his administration was trying to ensure that possible migrants applied for asylum in their home countries.

Republicans have chastised Biden for repealing some of his predecessor, Donald Trump’s, hardline policies, which they say have resulted in a rise in the number of migrants arriving at the border.

His administration is dealing with a burgeoning humanitarian crisis at the border, where a surge in migrants fleeing terror, natural disasters, and economic distress in Central America is putting the Democratic president’s commitment to a more humane immigration policy to the test.

Biden seems to have a genuine desire to fix this mess, doesn’t he?

It seems that he will continue to blame Trump for as long as possible.


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