[VIDEO] Biden Holding Kamala Harris’s Hand??? Does Biden Get Confused???

Does Biden often get confused and thinks that Harris is Jill to hold her hand???

After every Biden’s public appearance, I feel sorry for him.
We all know that he is a highly corrupted man, and he’s done numerous corrupt stuff, but now he is a destruction puppet.

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I am a human, and I feel sorry for him. My mom always taught me to have respect for older people. So he is an elder adult, and I feel sorry for him.

Also, my grandmother struggled with Alzheimer’s. And I was with her in the starting and mid-phase of the disease. I mentioned this because Biden’s actions really remind me of her.

That is why I feel bad for him.

From The latest video that emerged from Biden, everyone laughed. He is baffled and lost in space.
Moreover, I feel sorry for him, but not as much as I feel sorry for the U.S.

All in all, Biden had a short public reference, and imagine the mistake he made. Biden called Harris ‘’President Harris.’’

Well, we all have bad days. Maybe he was tired. After all, he is the president of the U.S. he has a lot of work to do.
After the end of his speech, he did another thing, Biden reached for Kamala’s hand.

Well, maybe he struggles with dizziness. We don’t know.

Below you can see the video and comment on what do you think.

Is it a disease, confusion, or maybe he was dizzy, so he wanted someone to hold because of his balance??

Below you can read some of the comments that people left on Twitter.

“He thought it was his wife. No, his sister. No, his wife.”

“No, he was giving way to the real president”

“I think Biden was expecting Kamala to take his hand and lead him away.”

“What an utter embarrassment for us.”

“I believe you are correct. Next thing he’ll be calling her Jill or his sister and throw himself at her and @KamalaHarris will cackle or shove him onto the floor. That’s how bizarre this zone we’re living in is.”

I watched the video a couple of times, and I can conclude that he wanted to hold her hand. Maybe it a habit because Jill leads him everywhere.

Regardless of whether they will admit or no, Bill struggles with some mental illness.

This is only my opinion, but we will see, the time will show everything.

No matter how much they want to hide, sooner or later, it will surface.


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