VIDEO: Author Trevor Loudon Just Revealed The Biggest Truth Behind The Democrats Rulling

Famous filmmaker Trevor Loudon made quite an artistic and deeply philosophical comparison between the Democrats and the socialists.

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Socialist communist = Democrats

they both “defend” the same values.

Author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon made a statement regarding this. And he’s a specialist in the field, making research in radical and terrorist groups and their influence on politics for over 30 years, adapting it further into movies.

“When socialists try to conquer a country they first demoralize people and make them feel that it is impossible to resist or fight back. However, people who love their country, uphold the Constitution, and traditional values make up the majority in America, representing the most economic power and the most votes, can win if they join forces to resist socialism in a peaceful way,” he stated.

He explained that whatever they do whatever change they may be trying to bring, is covered up in a revolution, but it is actually for demoralizing people and bringing up a state of shock and hopelessness, when in fact, it is all a scam. It’s not real – they’re bluffing in total confidence.

“The communist wing inside the Democratic Party is the Congressional Progressive Caucus which was set up by the Communist Party USA and the Democratic Socialists of America,: continued Loudon in his quite thorough further examination.

“The caucus consists of 93 members of the House of Representatives and one senator. Its members control many congressional committees and have introduced several socialist policies and ideas such as the Green New Deal, the $15 minimum wage, fracking bans, critical race theory, changes to voting procedures, and packing the Supreme Court.”

And just before our eyes, some policies being pushed forwards from the Democrats actually directly conflict with the right of free speech, or religion. Like, for example, the recently passed Equality Act prohibits the church to refuse to marry gay couples – a doctrine that is against the church’s beliefs from the very start of its existence!

And there are many more numerous examples of how the Democrats are pushing similar policies, that are basically rooted in the Marxist idea of “equality and sharing”.

  • the one day “stand down” inside the military


  • tougher gun laws, that would make gun manufacturers lose immunity


  •  the very plan to bring about 50% of American landmass into government ownership within the next 25 years – in the communist countries, most of the land and factories belong solely to the state.

. “The only way we can lose this is if we give up, and that’s what they’re trying to make us do,” he closed his speech.

And man, these truthful facts gave me the shivers, made me really feel hopeless, and see-through everything that is going on.

Bless you educated man, and bless you for sharing this information with us, the regular Americans.

Watch the full interview and be enlightened…


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