DISTURBING VIDEO: Australian COVID Camp Police Threatens To Kill COVID-19 Prisoner With Gas, Instead Of Releasing Him!

The vaccine concentration camps in Australia are something that no one would like to experience. One alarming video emerged when Australian covid camp police threatened to gas one occupant who spent 14 days in the quarantine and is supposed to be released.

The video tells us that the Australian officials aren’t releasing the “prisoners” after 14 days of forced quarantine, and they are threatening to gas them with tear gas. However, it represents a violation of fundamental human rights.

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Human rights organizations are silent, and we don’t know why! It is the same in America. The ACLU abandoned civil liberties and supported the vaccines and mask mandates.

Australia’s video shows us what happens to the people in the camps, and they will face terrible mental health issues after quarantining there. In the video, we can hear people saying, “you can’t get air,” and some prisoners say, “Take me somewhere where the walls aren’t caving in.” This person already has some mental issues.

Healthy and innocent people are facing different threats for testing positive through fake PCR tests.

The most disturbing thing is that the government will decide who will go into the camp. You need a positive fake PCR test to be flagged and incarcerated, even though you don’t have symptoms.

It is happening in Australia, and it will come in America.

We are witnesses of the vaccine holocaust acceleration until the governments are genocidal terrorists.
The officials’ influence and power in our countries are enough for them to function as a genocidal terrorist organization and to perform experiments on the entire human population. We have new “normal” where neither one government wants to give up power. That’s why the Australian health authorities cite the New World Order and say that the covid pandemic won’t end.

Below you can see what Dr. Chant said.

She supports the mass gassing of covid death cap prisoners in Australia because they aim to perform massive extermination of billions of people.

Those who follow this situation know what this is. But leftists, Dems, and woketards can’t see what is actually happening.

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