[VIDEO] AOC Ashamed By A Trump Supporter With Video About Her Filthy District

AOC needs to save the planet, but she first needs to keep her district clean.

They are a party that shows that they love our planet and fight for its protection. But, they are doing everything the opposite, and they are destroying our Earth.

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The left’s precious face masks are the worst nightmare. shared that in 2020 in our oceans flooded 1.56 billion protective masks. Organization “OceanAsia” shared the report. It is a Hong-Kong-based marine conservation organization.

The crisis that the masks bring will result in 6,240 tons of marine plastic, more than we currently have. The situation will be even worse because now we wear two masks.

The deficit of care for the planet is the primary concern. But the lack of it shouldn’t shock us because there was a massive left-wing protest and the trash and masks filled the street grounds.

This is where AOC’s district comes our way.

Scott Presler is a Trump supporter. He deals with the liberal-run cities, and they clean the streets by removing vast garbage, helped by the conservative volunteers.
Lastly, he visited New York and worked on the elections’ safety, where he noticed too much garbage and filth in AOC’s district.

Do you want to know what happened?

Well, he took his camera and recorded everything. The video reached AOC, and he advised them to clean everything for the “environmentally-conscious.”

This is a shame!

Take a look at the recording below.


Below you can read some of the Twitter comments.

If she accepts it would be a win-win and should be seen that way.

Yes Scott! I drive these highways every day to work and literally scream out loud at the tons of garbage

She should be available since she isn’t doing staged photo ops at the border anymore

Sad that AOC does not take pride in her own district

Looks like the border of a third world

If you care about the environment stop traveling 5 or 6 times a month by air for photo ops and go clean up your own city”


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