VIDEO: Alyssa Milano’s Latest “COVID-Rant” Video Has So Many “Filters” That She’s Almost Unrecognizable

It’s interesting how these so-called “feminist” celebrities preach about body positivity and women just being themselves, and then someone like Alyssa Milano goes on TikTok to rage about COVID while wearing 97 filters on her face because she’s terrified of how she’ll look as she ages.

Look, there are benefits and drawbacks to growing older. I like it because I’ve grown wiser and more adamant in my convictions, and I no longer give a damn what other people say. However, the creases around your eyes begin to appear, and your once-taught skin no longer appears to be as “bouncy.”

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Sure, that irritates me, and I spend hundreds of dollars each month on face goop to help slow down the process as much as possible… But, aside from the skin issues and possibly my less-than-perfect eyesight, I pretty much enjoy where I am in life because this is by far the best and happiest time of my life.

But “feminists” like Alyssa, who preach about women being accepted for who they are, don’t seem to be doing the walk, do they?

I kid you not, Alyssa appears like a waxy cat-woman in her recent video since she has so many filters on it. She’s nearly unrecognizably different from the rest of us.


Alyssa is such a bumbling fool. On the inside and out, it’s a sham.

Women have slammed Alyssa’s TikTok filters, claiming that they are only propagating the same old “female stereotypes.”

When augmented-reality face filters first surfaced on social media, they were considered a novelty, according to Technology Review. They allowed users to perform a virtual version of dress-up, such as changing their face to seem like an animal or sprouting a mustache. Today, however, an increasing number of young people—particularly adolescent girls—are employing filters that claim to “beautify” their appearance by sharpening, reducing, boosting, and recoloring their features and bodies.

Critics believe that this is bad to girls, who will never be able to achieve the “filtered” look that is possible online.

Ms. Alyssa the feminist is now utilizing these phony filters to spread her COVID frenzy.

This is how Alyssa Milano appears, and it should be OK – but I think it isn’t for her anymore.

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Well, considering how false it all is: Alyssa, her politics, her “president,” and her fearmongering, she could just be the ideal “filter” candidate after all.


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