VIDEO: After This Statement, I Just Wonder How Long Will It Take For Meghan To Get Fired?!

Though I am not quite fond of her – I can say one thing about this statement – hat down!

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It is brave and kinda, not thought through…

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, co-host Meghan McCain called out ABC and other liberal media!

Makes me wonder – are they doing this just to pump up the views they’ve obviously lost in these past 6 months?

After the liberal co-host trashed Fox News for telling lies, as some of their most recent stories were debunked and forced to be taken out of the program, she didn’t stop, but went to trash about the liberal media – as well as her own employees!

“What I find interesting is not the stories we talk about, but the stories we don’t talk about,” she said. “We never talked about Hunter Biden whereas if Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump, Jr. coughed in the wrong directions we talk about it.”

“I take such umbrage at this entire concept that liberal media which runs all of the media, all of tech, all of the entertainment, all of the music, all three branches of government, I’m supposed to feel bad that Fox News has like, two things that have been inaccurate?” McCain asked. “I mean let’s go down the list of things on CNN and NBC that are inaccurate.”

Damn girl, you got some guts!

Brava for you this time.

Maybe you’ve taken the “wrong” pill this morning?


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