VIDEO: A Real TV Fight Over The New Election Law – The Ending Is Hilarious!

Obviously, at the end, no side was convinced in their own words, so they just stopped…

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Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg, both co-hosts at “The View” had a fierce and loud fight over the new election integrity law that was signed in Georgia last week by Gov. Kemp.

But the ending was just PURE GOLD.

Look at the video and decide for yourself – was this a good, worthy argument?

“First off, if Major League Baseball is going to boycott the All-Star game, there are a bunch of other baseball games in Georgia that are coming up,” McCain said, referring to the fact that the Atlanta Braves have 81 home games scheduled for this year. “They should boycott that, too. Put your money where your mouth is. Just completely remove yourself entirely from Georgia since it’s a racist, deplorable, unforgivable place, according to Major League Baseball.”

“There is a huge misunderstanding of this bill. The Washington Post actually gave President Biden Four Pinocchios, it’s the first Four Pinocchios that he’s gotten since he’s been president,” McCain added, referring to the term The Post has for a “whopper” of a lie.

I don’t think we’re going to accomplish anything just by all of us boycotting each other,” she said, according to Fox News. “I’m really, really disappointed in President Biden… he’s the first sitting president in U.S. history to call for an economic boycott targeting a specific state. This is healing the soul of the nation? This is bringing Americans together? This is being a president for all of America? It is not. This is culture war stuff at its very base level and it is only seeking to divide us even further. That is not what I was promised with President Biden.”

Not stopping there, McCain said that her “final thing” to say about this is that Biden needs to hold China accountable for its actions, too.

“If we’re going to do this moral equivalency, sliding scale, with the Biden administration, 100 percent you need to come out today and say you are boycotting the Beijing Olympics because there is mass genocide going on with the Uighurs there and you have nothing to say,” McCain said. “We’re still going to the Olympics where mass genocide is happening but we’re going to boycott everything in the state of Georgia? That is ridiculous and the American public aren’t stupid.”

It was then that Goldberg started trying to talk over McCain before bizarrely saying, “Oh, for frog legs.”

“I’m sorry? I’m sorry?” a confused McCain replied, with Goldberg then saying, “Are you done?”

“Yes, yes sorry,” said McCain, who seemed to think there were technical difficulties.


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