VICTORY: Suspects in the Virginia Beach Mass Shootings Finally Got Identified

The national media has developed a sick habit of racializing any act of violence, especially mass shootings. If race played a role in the shooting or not, this has become the case.

The recent mass shooting at a Boulder supermarket, which left ten people dead, was the most obvious example of this. As the suspect’s name was reported to be Ahmad al-Alissa, the story quickly faded from the front pages. The ten victims were all white. There’s also proof that the perpetrator harbored ethnic grievances as a result of skewed media coverage.

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It was almost as egregious a case of media malpractice as the coverage of the Atlanta mass shooting, which took the lives of eight people: six Asians and two whites. The motive was immediately attributed to an Asian “hate crime,” but the perpetrator reportedly stated that his murderous spree was inspired by his battle with sexual addiction.

In the span of a week, two mass shooting stories broke. The political agenda comes first, followed by news reporting. It has unfortunately become the American way of life.

As the country continues to be on alert after the two mass shootings, and the Biden administration prepares to announce new gun control measures, further reports of mass shootings are likely to feed the media frenzy.

However, there were several mass shootings on Friday night. There were two of them, not just one. Instead of rushing in to fill in the blanks, the news media demonstrated admirable discipline. The silence was deafening.

In Philadelphia, seven people were injured in a mass shooting at the Golf & Social Bar, a sports club in the Northern Liberties neighborhood. The suspects’ identities are still unknown, but based on police scanner records, this is what we know so far.

“Police claim they have two suspects on the loose. The gunman is dressed in a gray quarter-zip sweatshirt with writing on the left chest, black hood, dark black pants, and black shoes. He’s joined by a guy dressed in a maroon quarter-zip sweatshirt and brown patched pants.”

“Police say two cars have been seized after weapons were found inside. The drivers of the cars are said to be involved in the shooting.”

“Police have arrested a person of interest,” says the statement.

A white Toyota SUV with the license plate LHY6475 may have been involved in the incident, according to police. In the car, police discovered a weapon with an extended magazine.”

Three people were critically injured and four others were in stable condition after the shooting. While we cannot speculate on the gunman’s identity, it is a sad commentary that if there was an ethnic aspect to it that suited the media’s narrative, the identity would almost certainly have been leaked by now.

The mass shooting in Virginia Beach was even more tragic, as it resulted in at least two deaths.

The New York Times reported on Saturday that “at least 10 people were shot, two of them fatally, during a ‘chaotic’ night of violence in Virginia Beach on Friday, with two seemingly separate cases of shooting within blocks of each other,” according to the police.

According to a CNN report, the shooting was the result of a “battle among a group of people,” according to a police press release released on Saturday afternoon.

The incident started when a group of people got into a heated argument, according to the Virginia Beach Police Department.

“Several individuals produced weapons and started firing at each other at some point during the physical confrontation, resulting in multiple people being wounded,” according to the police press release.

Finally, the names of those charged in the mass shootings have been released: Ahmon Jahree Adams, 22, of Chesapeake, Va.; Nyquez Tyyon Baker, 18, of Virginia Beach; and Devon Maurice Dorsey Jr., 20, of Virginia Beach.

The public in the United States can deduce that we didn’t learn more about these mass shootings sooner: The defendants didn’t suit the divisive political agenda of the left.


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