Veteran Saves Mother’s Life With Chlorine Dioxide

This is why the FDA hides these alternative treatments.

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Retired Veteran David Oates served nearly 25 years in the army. He cured his asthma, acid reflux, ringing ears, and COVID – 19 using small doses of chlorine dioxide.

David Oates joined the Stew Peters Show Monday to discuss this alternative treatment and its effectiveness against the bioweapon COVID-19.

“Well, we learned about this early on,” Stew Peters told Oates. “We had a doctor from Mexico who credited chlorine dioxide with saving thousands of lives. Christopher Key over at the has been a big advocate of that since Dr. Aparicio came on this program.”

“All doors were closed to me – that’s all I had to give her,” Oates told Stew Peters. “The doctors said ‘no, you have to go to the emergency room, we can’t give her anything.”

“So that door was the only door left open, and she said yes to it, and I got to see her I-and-R go from 1.0 up to normal,” Oates told Stew. “Everything started to go in the right direction, her blood pressure, 70 over 50, everything started normalizing.”

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