Vernon Jones – Liar, Manipulator, And Rapist! EXPOSED!

In the past few weeks, we were trying to share the truth with you about Vernon Jones, the Democrat–turned–Republican attempting to pose as the MAGA candidate to unseat Brian Kemp as governor.

He’s a bad person. You know what he had done when he was the chief executive of DeKalb County when he was elected back in the 2000s. Jones wanted to create a darker administration by driving out white county employees and hiring black employees even though they were unqualified.

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He screamed at the park’s director, Beckey Kelly, so harshly she was afraid he would physically attack her. Later, he humiliated her by stripping away her authority, reassigning her, and attempting to do her work out of a windowless storage room.

Furthermore, Vernon Jones described another white worker as a “white bastard who’s nothing more than a racist and needs to go.

A federal judge was so appalled by what Jones did, and he said if a jury didn’t find him guilty of radical discrimination, he would throw the verdict out.

Vernon Jones was at the Stew Peter’s Show, and he called program staff liars and racist. However, the only thing he should have done was to confirm the rumors from a couple of witnesses and the court.


It’s not racism, but it’s very funny. When he was a DeKalb CEO, Jones gave himself a five-man security detail costing $800,000 for a year.

Vernon Jones is the racist and the worst CEO DeKalb County has ever had.

Furthermore, he has another, even darker side. He’s a sexual predator. Vernon Jones has victimized women in his life, and we will pay special attention to the case from 2004.

He raped a woman at a party at his house.

Of course, the case never went to trial because his admin was corrupted, and corrupted police officers covered the case up.

Red Voice Media interviewed the prosecutor who was there and observed the entire thing.

Lauren Witzke tracked down and spoke with Anthe Kingma, ex-senior deputy district attorney with the DeKalb County sex crime unit.

We all know how Vernon Jones would react to this. They would say this woman is a vengeful idiot making the allegation and trying to hurt his political career. That’s a lie, of course.

The allegations are 16-years old, and the victim still doesn’t want to talk out loud. She’s afraid of Vernon Jones.

One thing is for sure, Vernon Jones has more victims, we can’t possibly know the correct number, but we are working to find out.

Vernon Jones is manipulating and exploiting the America First movement, and that’s his priority right now. If he had been an honest person when he was at the show, people would have given him a second opportunity.

He constantly lies, and he has covered up his racist nature by accusing other people of racism.

You have to know that this person hasn’t changed, and he won’t change. He’s a sociopath, predator, and opportunist.

We won’t allow him to control the population in the county, we will fight, and we will stop him.

Wendy Rogers retracted her endorsement of Vernon Jones.

Take a look at the video below:

Red Voice Media Rumble TV Gab

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