Vaccines Increased The Mortality WORLDWIDE! Data Shows!

The transit from Summer 2021 to Fall 202 was marked by the mortality increase worldwide compared to the same period last year. The Operation Warp Speed injections that we call vaccines were rolled out worldwide.

Every country with high vaccine rates has an increase in mortality. Among those countries are Scotland, Israel, Denmark, and the US. According to the available data, these countries marked a massive spike in mortality.

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The UNZ review made a complete analysis of the data that we have, showing that mortality is incredibly growing among the vaccinated population.

In Scotland, the government logged the 20th consecutive week where excess deaths across the country have exceeded the five-year average. Scotland has vaccinated 87% of its population.

“Even excluding Covid deaths, they were almost 20% above normal for the most recent week, and the trend is rising,” relayed Alex Berenson on his Substack.

“Mortality figures (in Germany) in September 2021: 10% above the median of previous years,” Berenson added.
More young people are dying from covid jabs than old people

In the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, and Norway, the coronavirus deaths are higher than they have ever been before. The mortality marked a tremendous increase after the vaccine rollout.

Five months in a row, Denmark has shattered the 10-year record of people dying from all causes. They didn’t have deaths caused by the virus before the vaccines.
Ireland, the UK, and Israel experience the same scenario and figures. All of these countries have extremely high vaccination rates.

The worst thing is that the people who are dying are young people.

“While the COVID death toll has been largely confined to the elderly … it’s the young who are bearing the brunt of vaccine injury,” reported LifeSiteNews, as relayed by Unz.

“According to VigiAccess, the adverse event database for the World Health Organization, 41% of the more than 2.4 million vaccine injuries reported so far are among those under age 44, and just six percent are among people over age 75.”

Young population after the vaccination report severe side effects and many deaths from the vaccine. Among the adverse reactions are heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, circulatory diseases, and neurological issues.

“the same vaccine-induced ailments we were warned about by the physicians and scientists who’ve been telling us the truth from the start,” noted Unz‘s Mike Whitney.

“Simply put, the vaccines are increasing fatalities, not reducing them,” Whitney adds. “They are making matters worse, not better.”

“They are perpetuating the crisis, not ending it. And that is why the red line in the chart is pointing upward. It’s an indication that the death toll will continue to rise as long as we continue to do what we are doing now, inoculating millions of people with a cytotoxic pathogen that triggers blood clots, inflammation, and autoimmunity.”

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