Vaccines From Covid Have Been Found to KILL Twice as Many People as They “Save”

According to a study published by American entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, for every person saved by a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine,” at least two other “completely vaccinated” persons die from the injections.

By the way, this is based on official government statistics, which demonstrates that getting stabbed in an attempt to stem the spread is a complete waste of time.

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How come nearly no one is talking about this latest scientific advancement if science is truly what we are all supposed to embrace? It’s right there in the government databases for anyone to look at if they’re intellectually honest and aren’t pursuing a different agenda.

“Today, the VAERS system has 15,000 deaths reported,” Kirsch stated in the document. “The CDC claims to have looked through all of them and discovered no causal link. There’s nothing there. Nada. Is it possible to see a copy of the report? Obviously not.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States should have recognized at least 4,500 deaths in this batch. Despite this, not a single one of them has been linked to the injections.

This is partly due to politics, as admitting that these “miracle” injections are a total and utter failure – at least in terms of saving lives – would derail the narrative.

Instead, we are being informed that all will be well if they just have a third, fourth, or even fifth injection. However, there is no scientific evidence to back this up.

Is the red horse of the apocalypse riding with covid vaccines?
The statistics, according to Kirsch, clearly reveals that at the very least 200,000 Americans have perished as a result of so-called “vaccines.” Another 300,000 people are now permanently crippled, unable to live their lives as they did before the vaccine.

And, he adds, this is simply the tip of the iceberg. Many of the most serious negative consequences will take months, if not years, to show. And now, if Tony Fauci has his way, children as young as six months old will be stabbed with the drug combinations.

It’s terrifying to think about where all of this is likely to go in the future. The shots are to responsible for a wave of sickness and death — you could even call it the red horse of the apocalypse.

We already know that the Chinese Virus shots are actively spreading disease by inducing the mutation of new “variants,” according to well-established research. These vaccine-induced mutations, it turns out, are the actual “pandora’s box.”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even invited Kirsch to a virtual meeting of its Vaccine Advisory Committee. This is the same group that recently decided not to suggest Biden booster shots to everyone in the United States.

It appears that Kirsch played a role in preventing the FDA from rubber stamping the Biden Booster agenda, but it doesn’t matter because the Biden regime is going rogue and introducing them anyhow, with Fauci’s consent.

“I’m not sure what role Kirsch played in the 16-2 vote against boosters, but there are clearly some people there who are dissatisfied with the present vaccine-at-all-costs approach,” writes Raal Ilargi Meij.

“I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it was done on purpose. But the information is now public, and YouTube and Twitter will neither censor or shadowban the FDA.”

This link will take you to Kirsch’s thorough analysis of the problem, which includes a complete breakdown of the available facts.

You can read Kirsch’s full analysis of the situation, replete with a complete breakdown of the available data, at this link.


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