Vaccine Injured Pilot’s Testimony: “It Has Taken Everything From Me And My Family – We’ve Been Ignored And Silenced!”

Cody Flint, a pilot, gave testimony during one of the most significant panels held recently, organized by Senator Ron Johnson, on which medical professionals as well as people suffering from vaccine injuries, and people who have lost members of their families due to vaccine injuries, took part also, and discussed.

The amazing and educational panel took place on November 3rd, and it made many positive comments in the national, as well as international community.

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This was crucial. and the government’s been avoiding these kinds of meetings for more than a year now. All because of COVID and stuff…

Well, they simply can’t believe they’d manage to get all their benefits with the COVID excuse, now could they?

“Cody Flint, a previously healthy 33-year-old agricultural pilot, testified he received his first dose of the Pfizer injection on 1 February 2021. Within 30 mins of having the injection, he displayed symptoms of an adverse reaction. Two days later he was back in the cockpit flying and almost immediately knew something was wrong: he developed tunnel vision, his headache worsened and at one point he almost “blacked out.” He was later diagnosed with perilymph fistula.”

Watch his testimony here:


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