Vaccine Court Exposed: The Dark Truth Of America’s Vaccine Schedule

Wayne Rohde explained how the Vaccine Court and its supporting acts and branches have not only failed adults who have injuries from the shot but children.

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Wayne Rohde’s son was severely injured by a vaccine 23 years ago, and since then, Wayne has become an expert on the Vaccine Court. Wayne Rohde joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to expose the vaccine court system, the deadly COVID jabs, and the P.R.E.P. Act.

“To date, we’ve had like 68 hundred petitions filed – not one has been compensated,” Rohde told Stew Peters. “The history of that program is that 6 to 8% of compensation for petitions filed for the last ten years or so; but for COVID, not one petition has moved forward – that creates a problem because you have all of these people who have been injured by any type of a medical device, or even by the injectable – but they’re just sitting there, lingering, and the program doesn’t have any type of a mechanism to move so it could sit there potentially for 5 to 10 more years and not do a darn thing!”

“Well, since Congress gave these pharmaceutical companies this blanket immunity, we already know that they’ll never pay out a dime for anything,” Stew Peters told Rohde.

“As a taxpayer, you should be furious,” Rohde told Stew. “This is just a black hole where our government is spending our tax dollars and not doing anything in regards to the benefits of the taxpayers.”

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