Vaccine Causes CANCER! Vaccinated Individuals Will Lose Immunity By Christmas And Start Growing CANCER TUMORS! It Will Kill Them In The Upcoming 10 Years!

The elephant in the room with C-19 vaccines is that they are destroying the immunity of the vaccinated population, leading to an unprecedented acceleration in cancer tumor growth that will overwhelm the medical system.

The vaccine holocaust will be called the cancer tsunami, and it will be the main reason for every problem. 

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From 1999-2019, cancer death rates plunged from 200 per 100,000 to 146 per 100,000. For all 2019, there were 600,000 cancer deaths only in the US. The CDC still hasn’t released the data for 2020. 

The data from 2021 will be released in 2023, and the data from 2022 in 2024. 

‘’ Prediction: 2022 cancer fatalities will explode above one million fatalities, and cancer death rates will stay elevated for the next decade, all due to covid vaccines that began in 2021.’’ We should wait until 2024 for this prediction. 

The decade of cancer deaths is now “baked in” and cannot be stopped 

More than 191 million Americas are fully vaccinated, and more than 220 million are partly vaccinated. The countdown starts, and we are waiting for the time to pass and tell all we have stated above. We firmly want to be wrong, but it can’t be stopped. 

The Big Pharma and criminal cartel headed with Antonio Fauci won’t stop. They want to take all the money in the world. A wave of cancer represents the last phase of the medical looting of America. Big Pharma and other medical leaders will take the money from chemotherapy and cancer surgeries, while the Americans will die like flies. 

By the end of 2031, tens of millions of Americans will struggle with cancer. Those who will escape this disease will die from heart attacks and strokes by the blood clots caused by the vaccines. 

Dr. Ryan Cole, a diagnostics lab owner-reported a 2000% increase in cancers among the vaccinated. “Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20-times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis,” Cole stated in the video. “I’m not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, and I’m like ‘Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before.’” 

In children, the consequences will take longer to develop, but it would come faster than you could expect in adults. It’s already growing into micro tumors. It’s the loss of immunity that supports the massive growth and spread of cancer. 

“Boosting” immunity won’t work because there’s nothing left to boost

When we talk about boosting immunity in a healthy population, we want to find a way to support the standard immune system through nutrition and lifestyle support like consuming vitamin D, getting enough sleep, etc. These are all healthy ingredients for a healthy immune system. 

But, in C-19 vaccinated people, the immune system is already destroyed by the vaccines. Dr. Paul Cottrell released one eye-opening video stating that the mRNA vaccine makers add chemicals to the vaccines to deplete the immune system function. Watch the video below: 

Let’s say the vaccine is effective against Covid-19, and the data shows a reduction in the severity of symptoms, but after a few months, the immunity is wholly destroyed. So, the organism can’t fight against cancer, influenza, common colds, and other body threats, 

So the vaccinated population will be called walking AIDS patients, and once their immune functions drop like clockwork, 5% every week. 

One Swedish study reported: 

Interpretation: Vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic Covid-19 infection wanes progressively over time across all subgroups, but at a different rate according to type of vaccine, and faster for men and older frail individuals…

One of the vaccines dropped to zero effectiveness within four months:

In contrast, the effectiveness of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 was generally lower and waned faster, with no efficacy detected from day 121 and onwards…

Which professions are going to see the highest mortality from vaccine-induced cancer? 

You have to understand that some professions will suffer higher than average cancer mortality rates in the upcoming years. The professions are health care workers, school teachers, first responders, government workers, and tech industry people. 

We are going to see an increase in deaths from 2022 to 2031. 

Health care will advocate an unprecedented staffing crisis during the upcoming years. We already see that the hospitals are full of vaccinated patients with stroke, heart attacks, respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, etc. 

Jobless people will be spared from the death wave because they aren’t forced to take the vaccines. 

Watch the video below: 

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